Pool Barrier Repairs

At Goliath Pool Safety Inspections we aim to be a complete pool safety service for all our clients.  An advantage to utilising our pool safety inspector (Nathan) is our ability to be able to conduct minor repairs at the time of the inspection or within an agreed time frame as his licence is unrestricted due to his carpentry background and licence. 

If you have received a non-conformity notice from an inspection we can also conduct repairs/adjustments specified within the report. Most commonly we repair and adjust pool gates and latches to ensure they are self closing. This is classed as a minor repair and can be done at the time of the inspection. However we can also; 

- Adjust and replace pool fence panels

- Repair and replace dividing fences (timber or colorbond) including fence palings and posts

- Reducing the gap at the bottom of the pool barrier for compliance

- Replacement of brackets and fixings to barrier

- Minor repairs of protected windows or doors

- Replace gates, latches and pool hinges

- Supply and fit current CPR signs to pool barrier

CALL 07 5540 3905 to book an inspection or to schedule repairs already quoted by a PSI.